apartheid, johannesburg, south africa, apartheid museum


Johannesburg, South Africa was a just few hour flight, yet an entire world away from the East African countries I’d been living in and touring. I’d been slowly entering re-entering the modern world over the previous couple weeks and Johannesburg … READ MORE

Uganda, blood draw, laboratory, community health center, typhoid, malaria, HIV testing, tuberculosis


Last Wednesday morning, Kaitlin and I took the three-quarter mile walk on the dirt road from the Guest House to the Health Center for our weekly work rotation. We discussed what we’d be doing that day: the options were Triage … READ MORE

Iganga, Uganda, market, main market


One of my very favorite places in the world is Whole Foods. I love how pretty and inviting it is on the outside with its chalkboard signs and fresh flowers or seasonal displays, how sweet it smells when you walk … READ MORE