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At this moment, I am putting pen to spiral notebook paper rather than fingertips to laptop keyboard. Power outages are common in Iganga, and the single drawback to my newly purchased HP Envy is that the battery only lasts a … READ MORE

Whitewater rafting on the White Nile, Uganda.


Whitewater rafting on the Nile was terrifying. For a minute. Then it was SUPER FUN! There is a city called Jinja about an hour’s drive to the east of where I’m staying in Iganga. Jinja is substantially more developed than … READ MORE


I am Mzungu. I am reminded of that every time I walk off campus by the dozens of children that shout “Mzungu, Bye-eeeeeee!!” Mzungu means “white person,” which in turn means “person who has a lot.” A lot of money, … READ MORE

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I am staying in the town of Iganga in Eastern Uganda. Depending on the traffic, it can take between three and six hours to drive here from the airport in Entebbe. The main road that goes through Iganga continues on … READ MORE


Starchy carbs. Mostly I try to avoid them. At home, I prepare a weekly starch-free breakfast casserole consisting of sausage, greens (chard or kale), eggs, and other veggies which are usually peppers. It gets topped with some avocado and Cholula. … READ MORE

Trash incinerator in Uganda.


One of my first observations about places I travel to is the level of visible cleanliness. As in, trash. Colorado is overall a clean state, as are many places in the U.S. We have private and municipal waste management and … READ MORE


I left Denver on a Saturday, late-morning, and flew to Detroit. Detroit was pleasant surprise. The airport restaurants are set up with self-service tablets for ordering and online entertainment. Each table or seat also comes with a charging station. After … READ MORE