Uganda, blood draw, laboratory, community health center, typhoid, malaria, HIV testing, tuberculosis


Last Wednesday morning, Kaitlin and I took the three-quarter mile walk on the dirt road from the Guest House to the Health Center for our weekly work rotation. We discussed what we’d be doing that day: the options were Triage … READ MORE

Iganga, Uganda, market, main market


One of my very favorite places in the world is Whole Foods. I love how pretty and inviting it is on the outside with its chalkboard signs and fresh flowers or seasonal displays, how sweet it smells when you walk … READ MORE

Uganda, usb modem, internet stick, cash economy


At this moment, I am putting pen to spiral notebook paper rather than fingertips to laptop keyboard. Power outages are common in Iganga, and the single drawback to my newly purchased HP Envy is that the battery only lasts a … READ MORE

Whitewater rafting on the White Nile, Uganda.


Whitewater rafting on the Nile was terrifying. For a minute. Then it was SUPER FUN! There is a city called Jinja about an hour’s drive to the east of where I’m staying in Iganga. Jinja is substantially more developed than … READ MORE